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Accounts on Clickadu can be purchased from this site with credits of $200. It is the most popular website for clicked accounts. The delivery time is very small, and you’ll get your account promptly following the purchase. Make sure you get a clicked account now.

Information about Buy Clickadu Accounts

  1. Based on the USA.
  2. All tests are conducted.
  3. Valid with a valid card.
  4. active status account.
  5. Make use of an active USA IP address.
  6. With Virtual Machine
  7. It’s a new account that was not previously used, it was a brand new account that was created.
  8. 200 Credits Included
  9. Two Days Warranty Replacement

What You’ll Receive

  1. Login credentials
  2. Customer Service

Original price was: $100.00.Current price is: $70.00.


Clickadu AccountsBuy Clickadu Accounts

We’re all familiar with advertising networks that function to act as bridges between internet-based websites and advertisers. Clicked is one of the most well-known. Clicking is the perfect way to promote your business through online advertisements.

What is Clickadu?

The year was 2014 when Clikckadu became an advertising website. Then, it continued to grow and today is the fastest growing. Clickadu allows advertisers to boost their earnings through online ads.

When Clikckadu started its journey for the initial time it introduced pop-under ads. However, the scenario has changed. Now, they have the option of monetization via various types of formats. The monetization process is growing and is one of the most advanced. Buy Clickadu Accounts.

advertisement formats used by Clickadu

The significance of the advertising’s reach is growing and Clickadu is paying interest to it. To be capable of competing in this area, there are a variety of formats to choose from.

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Buy Clickadu Accounts

Instant SMS messagesInstant messages that text directly connect to users since their primary method of communication is through the mobile. Mobile users can see ads via instant message. If you are using a mobile device and you choose whether you’re interested in advertisements or not after looking through the texts.

video pre-roll frequent users of the internet will likely have heard of the feature. You can see these videos when you live stream or go to websites that host the videos. They will cause you to look at the ads.

Ads for push: Push advertisements are similar to video advertisements. However, with this format, you’ll be able to view tiny messages that appear on your screen as you visit various sites. Even when you’re not online you will see these messages on your screen.

Pop UnderPop-under advertisement format is slightly different. In this type of advertising, ads will pop up when you exit a website. In essence, they are paying keen to the user each time they leave the website to display their advertisements.

Skim LinkThe is the most costly format for video in comparison to other formats since it lets you receive quality internet traffic. It can give you a lot of benefits even though it’s expensive.

The attributes of clicking

  • With Clickadu, you’ll find no need for traffic, therefore both advertisers and publishers can utilize these networks
  • The process of installing HTML0 clicked is straightforward. Publishers who aren’t interested in complicated processes can make use of this software.
  • Different kinds of withdrawal methods are available through Clickadu for both advertisers and publishers, including multiple withdrawals and withdrawals on demand
  • Multi-format monetization provides better return rates

Buy Clickadu Accounts

Payment methods Rules and rules and

In terms of payments, Clickadu isn’t difficult to make use of. Publishers are capable of getting paid through many different options. They include Paxum, PayPal, Payoneer, Crypto, and so on.

A minimum of 10 dollars per click. You must pay twice a week for advertising. You may also cash out money anytime during the period of pay.

Furthermore, premium publishing is a different option. Distributors that have higher performance can benefit from the Premium category. They are capable of pulling out at any moment they like. Buy Clickadu Accounts.

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